Assault Rifle
I don’t know what to do with this blog anymore

Sorry for being lame, but basically I’m not sure what to do with this thing right now.  I feel bad having this and rarely updating, since people still follow it looking to see rad music on their dashboard, I assume.  
So I’m making this post just to let people know that within a week or two, something should be done about this.  

I still listen to a lot of grindcore/powerviolence and noisy punk bands - btw, so that’s not the reason I’m not updating.  But as I’m older now I also listen to a lot of completely different things too.  When I made this blog I intended to exclusively showcase grind/pv/noise bands that were fairly unknown or overlooked (in my opinion anyway.) So when I started getting into other things, I kinda lost the drive I had for posting and decided to take a break from tumblr.  Long story short, the break ended up being super long, much longer than I had anticipated.  And when I tried updating again, it just didn’t feel the same.

I guess from here on only time will tell whether I start posting music regularly again or I just delete it altogether, or maybe even do something completely different.
I’m open to all and any suggestions and all input is valued, but I think I’ve run my course.

It’s pretty awesome people ever gave this blog the time of day. Hopefully someone found something they really liked. Farewell - for now, perhaps.


1. Intro / Razor Sharp Daggers
2. Cheers Mankind Cheers
3. Lay Off Me
4. A For Arrogance
5. Thy Kingdom Won’t Come
6. Christianity Means Tyranny
7. Trust? Not Me!
8. Didn’t Ask
9. Sentimental Hypocrisy
10. Teachers
11. Bigheaded Bastards

Bomb Brussels EP

No Hate No Fun - Visual Lullaby

Ukulele Bastards - Instant Hate

Patareni - Into Eternity

DICK MOVE - King of Queers
9 plays

DICK MOVE - King of Queers

Larva - Stop Kurt Cobain Worship

Collision - Going Nuts With Splattered Guts


1. Indefinite Detention
2. Slave Planet
3. Ballbuster
4. You Can’t Spell Dead Without D.E.A.
5. Your Masters Have Failed You
6. War Is Business

Indefinite Detention 
Gripe / Diseksa Split

Krang - Oubliette

System Shit 

1. Hell-o
2. Scumlord
3. Loss of Words
4. Words No Action
5. Fuck The Clique
6. Bugged
7. Scenocide
8. Cider Frenzy Pt. 3 


Gibbed - Repulse The Life

Masticated Excretions 

1. Exhuming A Fat Corpse
2. Cemetery Sex
3. Rectal Decay
4. Beaten To A Pulp
5. Sexual Predator
6. Ribcage Sodomy
7. Vomited Excretions
8. Headless Fuck
9. Possessed To Molest
10. Anal Leakage

Demo (1997)

Hated Surge - Purgatory

En Pie De Guerra - Mi Fe